“NVIDIA-MICROPOINT” Techno Initiative

Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize every industry! India has the opportunity to be the Talent provider to the world for AI/Deep Learning.

“NVIDIA-MICROPOINT” provide leading edge solutions to enable a participating Academic Institute to set up an AI/Deep Learning Lab and further enable it to offer course/project work along with job-oriented, hands-on training/teaching and research facilities to its students in the area of AI/Deep Learning.

The Institute can use the AI/DL Lab infrastructure along with the NVIDIA Deep Learning Tool Kit and Trained Faculty for building Academic Calendar with Courses, Electives and Job Oriented training such that the students and researchers have all the required basic foundations to excel at AI with GPU Deep Learning.

This would enable the Institute to take leadership, build on its training heritage and set the course for building the same in the new paradigm of Computing- Artificial Intelligence.

The collaboration and Technology Partnership that “NVIDIA- MICROPOINT” can offer University/Institute in AI/Deep Learning area. Specific deliverables will be subject to the terms and conditions extended by “NVIDIA- MICROPOINT” through their direct offer to the Institute for educational bundled offer for the AI/Deep Learning Lab Infrastructure.

Nvidia Tesla family of GPUs are helping scientists to solve the world’s most challenging High Performance Computing problems. The current family of GPUs is built on the NVIDIA VOLTA compute architecture, powered by CUDA, the world’s most pervasive parallel computing programming paradigm. These GPUs are used in such diverse fields as: Seismic processing, computational biology and chemistry, weather and climate modelling, image, video and signal processing, computational physics, CAE, CFD, computational finance and data analytics.

The VOLTA based family of GPUs includes: V100 GPUs with two memory options:


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