Infrastructure Consolidation on converged and hyper-converged platform.
Riding on the wave of virtualization technology, Micropoint has executed server consolidation projects.


The converged infrastructure has been the preferred architecture for a long time.

  • It all began with performance improvement in 3 key IT infrastructure technologies, namely, 1) Hypervisor becoming powerful and feature-rich 2) High-speed 10G (and higher) Ethernet network becoming mainstream 3) Storage array going high performance. This combination meant that the different components synchronised well with no bottleneck in the entire data path.
  • MPCL has executed server consolidation projects bringing down the sprawl to a small but optimally utilised group of servers giving efficiency and agility to the IT landscape. Some of the projects were end-to-end solutions. MPCL studied existing infrastructure resources and created a landscape for the virtual environment.

HCI Next wave came with SSDs and 10/25G network becoming de facto standard. The Hypervisor technology had matured. Today over 70% of server infrastructure is virtual. It is necessary to have even lesser complexities across the data center. With the new hyper-converged architecture it is possible to achieve fewer disparate hardware components. HCI promises a higher level of software defined infrastructure bringing compute, storage and network in its fold. Today Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is primary choice for both green-field deployment as well as tech refresh.

  • Micropoint has deployed HCI clusters built on various technologies – from the pioneers of virtualisation to the most recent entrant.
  • The solutions we deploy include cover compute infrastructure, high-speed switching and the SD layer.

We are technologically aligned with key HCI players including

  • VMware converged and vSAN running on x64 nodes with validated configuration.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V converged solution.
  • Virtualisation deployed in SAP application landscape.
  • Dell VX rail purpose built HCI appliances
  • Nutanix HCI appliances or Nutanix running on x64 nodes with validated configuration.
  • HPE SimliVity.
  • MPCL has demonstrated skills around various Converged and HCI offerings. We have skills to carry out implementation, migration, L1 diagnosis, management and monitoring.
  • Most customers need components to complement their HCI environment. These include network and security products, backup and disaster recovery solution.
  • MPCL can provide a comprehensive solution with a single touchpoint for entire project for well co-ordinated roll-out.


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