HPC Cluster deploy, manage and fine-tune.
We Micropoint are one of the leading system integrator providing solutions for HPC environment in India. We acquired Hinditron in the year Dec 2014, then the number 1 HPC player in the country to augment our skills. These include workstations, GPU accelerated systems, clusters of various sizes, Utilities and tools, services, training, and turn-key solutions.


Our HPC business

  • MPCL has been actively involved in the field of HPC. We have rolled out more than 100 HPC Clusters across the country. Total number of nodes supplied or under support well exceeds 4000 nodes.
  • We cover compute nodes, GPU nodes, high performance PFS, high speed interconnect and integrate them into a cluster.
  • Two of our large clusters find a place in “Top Supercomputers India”
Skills to build cluster

HPC Skills

  • Large HPC clusters are commonly deployed in education and research institutes. Open Source software such as CentOS, Scientific Linux, Rocks CMU, Open PBS and Torque bring at low cost without impacting functionality or performance.
  • We boast a pool of skilled engineers who are experienced at open source OS, compilers and related tools to deploy, troubleshoot and manage small or large clusters.
HPC Services

We provide various allied services to our customers to help them achieve their goals.

  • Benchmarking services
  • Assessment and sizing
  • Cluster manager and job scheduler configuration
  • Training
Customer journey
Not every customer begins the HPC journey with a large cluster. Many (if not most) of our customers started their journey with a few nodes (workstations or servers) working independently. We worked with them and suggest the right time to move to a cluster based on their immediate and upcoming needs


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