In good (?) old days, the computers were intrinsically secure. But they were not networked. Today the vision statement of Sun Microsystems “The Network is The Computer” is true to core as there is hardly any computer which is not networked.

Data breach is possible for a computer running in a disaster-proof bunker. If data falls in unauthorized user due to a breach, can it be protected from access?

Data Encryption tools available today help you provide this protection. Encrypted data can be read but cannot be deciphered by the applications.

But these tools add other complexities such as controlling encryption across landscapes – On prim and Hybrid clouds. Managing keys is another level of complexity.

MPCL is offering HyTrust DataControl, a solution to address this very challenge. There are many ways HyTrust DataControl turns complexity into simplicity and meet compliance.

  • HyTrust DataControl secures multi-cloud workloads throughout their lifecycle.
  • Manage workloads and encryption keys from a central location to reduce complexity, and help comply with regulations such as the GDPR.
  • DataControl works with leading local and public cloud platforms, including hyperconvergence and storage solutions.
  • DataControl provides granular encryption for better multi-cloud security.
  • The protection boundary does not stop at the hypervisor or at the data store; VMs are individually encrypted. Inside the VM, unique keys can be assigned to encrypt individual partitions, including the boot (OS) disk.
  • Setup is a breeze and workload security is easily managed thereafter. The end-user experience is great because encryption and rekeying can be done on the fly. No need to take workloads off-line.


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