With billions of people around the globe interacting with it on a regular basis, and millions that reap benefit from it, Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the technology landscape, impacting human lives and the society by finding application in infinite number of domains.

Paralleled with an explosion in data being generated and collected, along with advanced algorithms, deep learning, and improvements in computing power and storage; this technological breakthrough automates repetitive learning; enabling machines to become trained to accomplish frequent and high-volume tasks by processing large volumes of data and identifying patterns in it, adapt through progressive learning algorithms, without fatigue, but with incredible accuracy.

AT MPCL, we believe that advanced AI solutions to unearth meaningful information in raw data can radically transform the way you run your business and help you carry out repetitive tasks at the push of a button. Our team of data mining, data visualization, deep learning and predictive analytics experts can empower your strategic and operational business processes with unique, cost-effective, and the best AI technologies. We provide consultation to design, implement and integrate AI technology with your current business environment to provide up-to-date products and services, as well as unparalleled customer experience. We help you develop AI driven products and machine learning models; providing your business with the competitive advantage of modern data management and business intelligence solutions, that traditional methods of processing data cannot.

High adoption segments that are currently getting exponentially accelerated include:

  • Customer Service: Robotic Concierge, Virtual Assistant, Product Recommendation.
  • Maintenance: Failure Prediction, Maintenance Planning, Anomaly Detection.
  • Operations: Resource Planning, Supply Chain & Logistics, Security &Fraud Detection.
  • Banking, Financial Services, Insurance: Wealth Management, Portfolio Planning, Risk Assessment, Underwriting.
  • Sports & Entertainment: Performance Tracking, Training Effectiveness, Gaming
  • Research: Scientific Data Analysis.
  • Public Cloud, Internet+: Image Classification, Speech Recognition, Language Translation, Sentiment Analysis, Question Answering, Recommendations.
  • Automated Devices: Connected Cars, Robotics, Intelligent Video Analytics.
  • Medicine: Classifications for radiology and pathology, cancer cell detection, diabetic grading, drug Discovery, personalized drug protocol, surgical robots.


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